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AgoraOpus Insight

A unique tool for quantitative market insight.

Help shape your stock trading edge with our tools.

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Two approaches

Complicated mathematics, models and simulations does not need to equate complicated insight.

Slice and dice based on two approaches: Market neutral and directional insight.

Market neutral

When stocks go up, you want to obtain maximum gain.

And when stocks go down, you want to avoid maximum drawdown.

Invest in strength using our market neutral insight, there to help you pick winners no matter the direction.


Systematic risk causing you problems, keeping you up at night?

Our directional insight helps put you on the right side of systematic risk.

Get a better understanding of overall market direction, there to help you avoid risky exposure.

Enjoy diving into details?

Our publications dive straight into them.

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About AgoraOpus

Investing shouldn’t need to be about guesswork and gut feeling.

We are on a mission to convert investment and trading into something closer to a weather forecast. Sure, it’s not always going to be right, but it should be based on models rooted in reality.

And the reality is that financial markets are not some natural phenomena under the rule of physics, but instead a social phenomena.

These social phenomena can also be modelled, which is what we do.

We’ve worked hard over a long period to model these, and then find ways of presenting the insight from these models in easily consumable terms. This is what we do on our insight platform.

If you are a retail investor, a professional investor, a trader, or a commercial entity with some kind of market exposure, we hope to provide you with valuable insight and analysis.

Register on our insight platform to learn more, or if you need to speak with a human, contact us.

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