Reviewing 2016

Another year has passed, and just like last time, I’ll summarise 2016 below.

2015 was a rather flat year, with the opportunity index hovering around 30 throughout the year. 2016 was a lot less boring, with an ever increasing opportunity index, reflected in the index value also heading north. Besides a dip below 30 around August, and some initial below 30 values at the beginning of the year, this development allowed us to stay in the market throughout most of the year, capturing whatever gain was there while avoiding negative and uncertain territory.

With default settings, this gave us a nice alpha value of about 13%, at a beta of 1.29. With an initial index value of 2052.67, the active performance ended at 2663.24 while the passive S&P 500 value ended at 2244.41. As always, feel free to click the image above to dive into the details.

PS: I’ll be stopping the stock pick publishing that has been published to Github at the end of each month. I’ve not followed up on this and believe it was prematurely made available, compared to some of the internal development progress made with regards to single stock selection.

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